Wishbone Wagon - Red


Wishbone Wagon is much more than a wagon.  Gorgeous, rugged, transformable. It's a wagon. It's a gravity racer.  It's a foot-to-floor car.  Let your child choose!

With a low centre of gravity and air-filled tyres for a smooth and durable ride Wishbone Wagon is super-adaptable.

  • Three handle positions steer from the front, push at the back or stow and race!
  • Two steering wheel positions click to steer or stow for space
  • Hinged floor hatch for flintstone fun.

Wishbone Wagon encourages independence, interaction, imagination and active play. It's designed for your child to transform.  With so many combinations, kids play together for hours.  Made from quality materials for outdoor play.

For ages 1 to 10.

Wishbone Wagon brings the past and the present together in an enduring design for your family to enjoy.

Note:  The Wishbone wagon is ordered from the Supplier, please contact us to order and allow an additional 3-5 days for delivery.

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